Rescue tech Event Safety providing backup for some of the world's top high adrenalin events.

About Rescue tech Event Safety

Terry Grant

Our range of practice, previous competition experience, medical background, qualifications, rescue and extrication credentials are a unique package that very few medical provision companies can provide. What makes us stand out is that we offer, and can provide this service in any part of the world, no matter how remote. We work for multi-national organisations and fully understand the importance of successful integration into event operations management safety systems.

Rescue tech Event Safety provide the highest standards of pre-hospital care, event safety management guidance and training to competitors, crews, officials and event guests.

In addition to “on-event” medical cover Rescue tech Event Safety provides wilderness first aid and emergency medical training for competitors and event officials from their North Wales base. Over the last 5 years more than 200 competitors and officials have attended a two-day course specifically designed for those involved in long distance rally events. Our courses cover all aspects of basic life support, simple rescue techniques, healthcare good practice, emergency communication and simple survival techniques. Numerous competitors on the 2010 Peking to Paris Rally will attest to the quality of our training courses.

Rescue tech Event Safety team:

We only use HPC Registered Paramedics, NMC/UK Registered Nurses and GMC Registered Doctors all of whom are MSA-UK license holders. All our team are fully insured, fully licensed, educationally current and all hold qualifications in Advanced Life Support, Firefighting and Rescue. Rescue tech Event Safety uses HISCOX as our insurance provider; evidence of our encompassing policy is made available to our clients.

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Record Keeping:

We have a company policy to examine all injuries and cause no matter how apparently insignificant. We maintain very high quality report forms and collate into event incident reports that we forward to our clients post event. We retain all patient documentation in line with general good practice and with the requirements of Data protection Act. Risk Management: We produce our own safety documentation and prepare Safety Methodology based on our own company Risk Assessments’, and the Risk Assessment’s of contractors with whom we integrate on event. We provide our pre-event documentation electronically to organisers, or their Health & Safety providers at least 4 weeks prior to any event. We are mindful of the need to seamlessly incorporate our risk management policies into Event Management Safety Plans endeavoring to operate at OHSAS 18001 standards while mindful of requirements of all relevant legislation.

References and Testimonials:

We can provide references and testimonials from the event organisers for whom we provide services. Please feel free to ask for such without fear of causing insult. We want you to know whom we work for, how we work, what we do, and how we work for our clients.

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