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Site Rescue

Richard Bate leaves Rescue tech Event Safety Ltd but leaves the business in the safe hands of good friends at the Site Rescue Group

After more that 10 years running Rescue tech Richard has left the company to take up a full time position as an Event Safety Consultant with Capita Symonds Leisure & Event Safety; working directly for Richard Limb. The job offer with Capita Symonds was simply too good an offer to refuse; Richard has aspired to work with Capita Symonds since returning to University in 2007 to study Event Health & Safety Management. It would be fair to say that Richard has his dream job.

So what happens to Rescue tech now Richard is off to pastures new? To all intent and purpose nothing changes. Rescue tech has worked very closely with Site Rescue based in Derby for many years. Rescue tech personnel, equipment and vehicles will continue to run in our recognisable company livery, but the day-to-day management will pass to Tony Barker at Site Rescue Group.

  • Is this a takeover of Rescue tech by Site Rescue? Categorically not, Site Rescue will manage Recue tech until such time that both companies feel it is time for Site Rescue to fully absorb Rescue tech into the Site Rescue Group.

  • What happens to Rescue tech existing clients? Nothing changes, Kerry Bate from Rescue tech will deal with the existing Rescue tech client base, but rather than schedule services directly, she will just pass this to Tony at Site Rescue who will talk to clients, arrange service levels and handle all financial arrangements including invoicing and payments.

  • What happens to Rescue tech personnel that have worked with Richard & Kerry for many years? Again, nothing changes; all team members will be given the opportunity to continue to work with Site Rescue/Rescue tech.

  • Will the alliance of Rescue tech and Site Rescue result in a price change to existing clients? Absolutely not – Site Rescue will honour current contracts until the end of the contract period and then enter into discussions with the client – we want your business . . .

As the two companies come-together Tony at Site Rescue will begin to develop a marketing strategy that informs the event industry that the newer, stronger Site Rescue Group can deliver, event site fire safety and infrastructure, on site medical services and a new exiting service – site safety management and event safety documentation.

Within a just few months Site Rescue will be able to deliver pre-event safety documentation, on site safety management, site fire services and site medical services to the very highest standards in a single encompassing service.

Imagine as an event organiser being able to make one phone call and have all your H&S, Fire & Medical requirements delivered by the most competent personnel in the events industry at a price point that will be unbeatable? This service is no longer and aspiration, this service is available today through Tony and the Site Rescue Group. Call him on 07973 379038.

If Tony is unavailable, your call will be directed to one of the company secretaries who will be happy to take your event details and start working with you, allowing you to deliver your event without unnecessary pressure, freeing your time to concentre on delivering your event and not worrying about event safety planning, site safety, site, medical and site fire services.

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