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Richard E Bate & Kerry Jane Bate - trading as: - Rescue tech Event Safety
Contractor/Sub-contractor Terms & Conditions 2009/2010

Contract: A binding contract comes into place upon receipt of the customers signed contract. The contract constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior contracts or agreements. In the event that the customer wishes to change the terms of the contract, Rescue-tech Wales will consider the request but will not be bound to accept changes without formal agreement. No variations on the price of a contract will be accepted unless agreed jointly by the customer and Rescue-tech Wales.

Cancellation of Requested Attendance at Event or Duty: Cancellation of a request to attend an event or duty which has been pre-booked, verbally or in writing (as contracted conditions as above) will be accepted without charge up to 48 hours in advance of the requested attendance date. Cancellation less than 48 hours in advance of event date will incur a charge of 50% of total invoice due. Cancellation of attendance request less than 24 hours in advance of an event will incur a full charge for the date cancelled. Season & annual contracts cannot be cancelled without prior consent by either party once contacts have been agreed and confirmed in writing subject to forfeit of total value of invoices for whole of contracted period.

Payment Terms: Payment terms will be as agreed with each individual customer and Rescue-tech Wales. If payment is not received from the customer, Rescue-tech Wales reserve the right not to proceed with further work/consultancy/training until payment has been received in full. Any work already completed and not paid by the due date (28 days from invoice date) will be subject to an interest charge of 10% monthly plus an additional administrative charge of £25.00 per outstanding unpaid invoice. Payment is preferred by cheque but BACS payments are acceptable subject to agreement with Rescue-tech Wales. BACS payments are subject to the provision of an advice note from the customer.

Prices: Prices are agreed in the original contract by the customer and Rescue-tech Wales and are not subject to change without prior agreement with both parties. During work on any contract, additional charges can be made against unforeseen costs, which were not made clear to Rescue-tech Wales at time of original contract.

Service/Health & Safety: Where work is to take place on the customer premises or on property which the customer has leased, hired or loaned for the purpose of their business, the customer must provide reasonable access to the point of delivery, and any such access or working area must be subject to correct and accountable HSE requirements under HSAW Act 1974. Rescue-tech Wales will undertake all requirements for sub-contract workers under said “Act” and will at all times be diligent of the requirement of the customer under the aforementioned “Act”.

Intellectual Property Rights: Rescue-tech Wales, reserves all its property rights including copyright of all designs and training material supplied. The customer will own the physical material or product but not the intellectual contents, which are at all times the subject of copyright. No reproduction of any materials is permitted by the customer without prior consent and at all times such reproduced material will remain the property of Rescue-tech Wales.

Title & Risk: Risk in any equipment or item shall pass to the customer at the time the equipment comes into use on the customer’s premises. Any training material or medical hardware provided as part of a training package will remain the property of Rescue-tech Wales until such time as the associated invoice for service is paid in full. To maintain these rights, Rescue-tech Wales retains the right to enter the customer’s property without prior notice with any vehicle that Rescue-tech Wales deem necessary and remove items to the value of the contract from the customer’s property. Rescue-tech Wales retains the right to sell such items to the value of any outstanding invoice without notice to the customer.

Liability: Rescue-tech Wales will be insured and certificated at all times to provide any service for which it has been contracted to deliver by the customer. Any certification provided by Rescue-tech Wales for training courses attended by the customer or the customer’s staff/sub-contractors is not to be deemed as a licence to practice. The certification signifies the person or persons noted in the certificate have completed and specific course of training to a satisfactory level of competence only.

Sub-Contractors: Rescue-tech Wales retains the right to sub-contract all or any part of the work to which it is obligated under the term and conditions of any and all contracts. Rescue-tech Wales will at all times inform the customer of any sub-contracting and will seek the agreement of the customer for any such sub-contracting.

Rescue tech Event Safety requires all sub-contract staff to provide invoices, or in the case of individuals, sign a confirmation document affirming their responsibility to pay applicable tax and NI on all monies earned through, and paid by Rescue tech Event Safety. These confirmation documents will be held on file and included in company end of year accounts filed with our accountants.

Insurance: Signing and returning the above noted document also confirms that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the HISCOX company insurance policy covering Rescue tech Event Safety. Note that insurance cover is provided to those sub-contractors who are working directly for Rescue tech Event Safety and under no circumstance should and person, sub-contract or other claim to be covered by Rescue tech Event Safety company insurance policy when not active on Rescue tech Event Safety business. Rescue tech Event Safety takes no responsibility for those individuals who claim to be covered by our company policy when working on events outside of our business remit.

Document considered and approved by company solicitor 12th March 2010 (Passed for documentation audit to Mesh Ruperillia) H&S Event Consultant.

Terms & Conditions prepared for Rescue-tech Wales by Legal Department OSR Business Associates, St Andrews Park, Queens Lane, Bromfield Industrial Estate, Mold, Flintshire, North Wales. CH7 1XB

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